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Oracle 1z0-1060-22 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Transaction data and automation with web service
  • Register Source System and PaaS (ICS) integration
Topic 2
  • Explain Functional Setup Manager Offerings, Functional Area and Features, Manage Setup Data, and Export and Import Setup Data
Topic 3
  • Manage Transaction Information and Line Information Worksheets and Transaction Objects
  • Manage Journal Entry Rule Sets
Topic 4
  • Upload transaction data, correct when there are errors, and perform automation with web service
  • Accounting, reporting, audit, and reconciliation requirements
Topic 5
  • Analyze configuration requirements related to Legal Entities, Financial Reporting Structures and Ledgers
  • Transaction type life cycle
Topic 6
  • Adjust journal entries: override, create manual adjustment entries
  • Analyze and identify transaction life cycle in the source system
Topic 7
  • Update Registered Source System: accounting attribute assignments, sources, event types
  • Peform Subledger Accounting Diagnostics

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Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud 2022 Implementation Professional Sample Questions (Q78-Q83):


After registering a new source system into Accounting Hub and going live for a short period, your customer identified the need to add additional transaction sources. What should you do?

  • A. Add new transaction sources in the current source system registration spreadsheet and re-upload the spreadsheet file.
  • B. Add new transaction sources from the user interface.
  • C. Tell them this cannot be implemented.
  • D. Register another source system that includes these new transaction sources.

Answer: B


Given the business use case:

'New Trucks' runs a fleet of trucks in a rental business In the U.S. The majority of the trucks are owned; however, in some cases, 'New Truck' may procure other trucks by renting them from third parties to their customers. When trucks are leased, the internal source code is 'L'. When trucks are owned, the internal source code is 'O'. This identifies different accounts used for the Journal entry. Customers sign a contract to initiate the truck rental for a specified duration period. The insurance fee is included in the contract and recognized over the rental period. For maintenance of the trucks, the "New Trucks* company has a subsidiary company 'Fix Trucks' that maintains its own profit and loss entity. To track all revenue, discounts, and maintenance expenses, 'New Trucks' needs to be able to view: total maintenance fee, total outstanding receivables, rental payment discounts, and total accrued and recognized insurance fee income.

What wil the typical transaction information be at the header level?

  • A. Currency
  • B. Line Type
  • C. Customer Number
  • D. Amount

Answer: C


'Insurances for Homes' company provide home insurance service. They have in-house built system that processes home insurance payments received from customers. The end result of the process consists of a listing of individual journal entries in a spreadsheet. They have requirements for getting all journal entries in a secure and auditable repository. Access will be limited to selective staff members. Additionally, be able to report and view the entries using an advanced reporting and analytical tools for slicing and dicing the Journal entries.

Which is a correct example for a formula to prorate amounts evenly across each period? Note that the NumberofGLPeriod is a predefined function that returns the number of non adjustment accounting periods between two dates.

  • A. "Amount" *( NumberofGLPeriod ("Effective Date", "Last Day of Current Accounting Period") + 1)/ (NumberofGLPeriod ("Effective Date", "Expiiy Date") + 1)
  • B. "Amount" * NumberofGLPeriod ("Effective Date", "Last Day of Current Accounting Period") / NumberofGLPeriod ("Effective Date", 'Expiry Date")
  • C. "Amount" * ("Last Day ol Current Accounting Period" - "Effective Date" + 1) / (("Expiry Date" "Effective Date") + 1)
  • D. "Amount" - ("Last Day of Current Accounting Period" - "Effective Date" ) / ("Expiry Date" -"Effective Date")

Answer: B


What is the duty role that needs to be assigned for authorizing accounting processing in Accounting Hub Cloud?

  • A. Accounting Hub Import Duty Role
  • B. Accounting Hub Create and Post Journal Entry Duty Role
  • C. Accounting Hub Create Accounting Duty Role
  • D. Accounting Hub Integration Duty Role

Answer: D


Which task in the Setup and Maintenance work area is used to download the template for registering a source system in the Accounting Hub Cloud?

  • A. Create Subledger Application Setups in the Spreadsheet
  • B. Update Subledger Accounting Options
  • C. Manage Configuration Packages
  • D. Manage Subledger Application

Answer: A



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