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How to Prepare For MCQS Exam

Preparation Guide for MCQS Exam


ACT offers the most encompassing, up-to-date and sought after global training and certification program for the candidates who is looking for their admission in different colleges.

According to ACT, Compass test is a placement test used by colleges to evaluate an incoming student's readiness for entry-level college courses.

Certification is evidence of your skill and knowledge which might would be required for you to get enrolled for the higher educations. If the Candidate wants to appear for the MCQS Exam and prove his knowledge, Certification offered by ACT . This MCQS Certification helps a candidate to validates his skills in intermediate level of knowledge in Mathematics.

In this guide, we will cover the MCQS Exam and all aspects of the MCQS Certification.

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MCQS Actual Real Questions: Multiple-choice questions (MCQS) Prometric MCQS for general practitioner (GP) Doctor & MCQS Practice Questions

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What is the duration, language, and format of MCQS Exam

  • Passing score: Maximum score will be counted.
  • Language: MCQS offered in English (U.S.)
  • Length of Examination: No Such Time limit.
  • Format: Multiple choices, multiple answers.
  • Number of Questions: Depend upon institutes.

Test Prep Multiple-choice questions (MCQS) Prometric MCQS for general practitioner (GP) Doctor Sample Questions (Q84-Q89):


Patient with severe depression on SSRIs. When it will begin to start work?

  • A. 3-4 weeks
  • B. 4-5 weeks
  • C. 2-3 weeks
  • D. 1-2 weeks

Answer: A


Female patient with hirsutism, obesity, infertility. Ultrasound shows multiple ovarian follicles.

What is the diagnosis?

  • A. Klinefelter syndrome
  • B. Asherman's syndrome
  • C. Kallmann syndrome
  • D. Stein-leventhal syndrome

Answer: D


During a basketball match, one of the players suddenly collapsed to the ground with coughing and SOB.

What choice?

  • A. CXR
  • B. V/Q
  • C. CTPA
  • D. MRI
  • E. CT scan

Answer: A


Victim of RTA came with multiple injuries to abdomen, chest and limbs. BP is 80/ 50. upper limb has upper third near amputation that bleeds profusely, what is your first thing to do:

  • A. Tourniquet the limb to stop the bleeding
  • B. Call orthopedic
  • C. Check the airway and breathing
  • D. Five IV fluid

Answer: C


All are effective in Rx of hereditary angioedema except?

  • A. Ecallantide
  • B. predisolone
  • C. Danazol
  • D. FFP

Answer: B



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